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Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in news | 0 comments

Food Day 2014 + How to Celebrate

Food Day at Freedom Farmers Market

A few months ago, I was approached about becoming a coordinator for Food Day. I have to admit that I had never heard of a national Food Day before. I found out that it is a nationwide celebration of real, healthy, sustainable, and fair food that culminates on October 24th. It’s also a grassroots campaign for better food policy, food education, and farmworkers rights. Those are all things I stand for and spend energy toward advancing, so joining the Food Day team was an easy choice. After accepting the position of statewide coordinator for Georgia, I’ve been on a mission to get people to celebrate Food Day (especially here in Georgia)!

Food Day at Freedom Farmers MarketEncouraging folks to participate in Food Day has been a really cool part of my personal food journey, too. From talking to strangers at farmers markets to teaching second graders about seasonal produce and herbs to planning a farm dinner, this has totally increased my love for and commitment to educating others about local, sustainable, and healthy food.

Food Day is this Friday! So, how can you celebrate? Here are 9 fun ways:

  1. Check the Food Day events page for events in your area.
  2. Visit a local farm, pumpkin patch, or apple orchard.
  3. Host a healthy dinner party or potluck meal.
  4. Visit an area farmers market and buy something from a local farmer.
  5. Try a new fruit or vegetable.
  6. Get your kids to help you prepare a healthy meal.
  7. Eat a restaurant that sources food from local farmers or has their own garden.
  8. Watch a food documentary like Food, Inc. or A Place at the Table (hint: you can watch both for free if you have Amazon Prime).
  9. Register for the Food Day Thunder Clap, a simultaneous tweet on October 24th!

If you live in Georgia, Georgia Organics has an amazing resource call the Good Food Guide. They have a super helpful interactive local food guide online for finding farms, farmers markets, and restaurants, caterers, and grocers that source locally!

Don’t forget to share your Food Day celebrations on social media using #EatReal #FoodDay2014 and #FoodDayPlate. You can find and follow Food Day on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Food Day at Westminster

Teaching the second graders at the Westminster Schools about seasonal produce and herbs.

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